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Hotel Villa Montefiori came into being in the forties as a guesthouse under the name of “Pensione Montefiori”.
In the seventies the present-day owner France Giacomini took over the management
and had the splendid Art Nouveau villas of inestimable value redecorated in new splendour.

Moreover, she acquired numerous hectares of land and had two swimming pools built.
This increased the prestige of the hotel complex.
In this way the guest-house changed into a three-star-hotel
and soon moved up into the category of four-star-hotels.


Thanks to its tasteful decoration, the lovingly well-kept park and the commercial skills of Signora Giacomini,
in combination with intensive work, Hotel Ville Montefiori could soon be enlarged and is continually improved.
Today, it is considered one of the most beautiful hotel complexes on Lake Garda.


In addition, another particularity of Hotel Ville Montefiori consists in its family management,
which creates a pleasant atmosphere clearly noticeable for the guests.

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