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Wedding and ceremonies


A wonderful beginning, Ceremonies in our fantastic location,
to begin and make real the Dream of a Lifetime.

Esclusive Villas, Mansions, Historic Buildings or seals of a Fable,
charming and unique places where you can create
an unforgettable Event for You and Your Guests.


The ideal choice

The organization of the Event will be personalized
with You and every moment will be studied carefully in every details,
from the choice of the Reception Room, the mise en place of the individual tables,
the selection of the Staff, to the rigorous preparation of all Courses with selected Products.


The romantic room


Within the complex, Hotel Ville Montefiori can offer you several halls and reception rooms
which are exclusively reserved for wedding celebrations.


Our guests can choose between
the Blue Room and the Pink Room, one furnished with
round tables and the other one with banquet tables.

For the summer season we also offer a very romantic
room outdoors with round tables.
From there you have a fantastic view over the Lake.

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