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The Vittoriale of the italians

The Vittoriale of the Italians (The shrine of Italian victories) was home of the Poet  Gabriele D'Annunzio, who, before his death, gave it to the Italian People. His project was made thank to the Architect  Giancarlo Maroni, the original conversion work started in 1921 and lasted beyond the death of the Poet. In 1925 it was declared a National Monument.

It occupies a vast territory of the hill of  Gardone Riviera. The Vittoriale is a complex of buildings, monuments including the home of the Poet known as the Priory, The War Museum, the Mausoleum, the MAS who made the mockery of Bakar, the Ship Puglia given to him by the Italian Navy and nestled on the Hillside, an Auditorium that has kept the Airplane with which the Writer performed the famous 'Flight to Vienna', the Open-Air Theater built inspired by the models of antiquity, which can accomodate 1.500 People and was opened in 1953 with the Orchestra of Teatro alla Scala, since then in July and August it host the Summer Festival, a rich Season of Shows.

Hotel Ville Montefiori, only few kilometers from the famous Vittoriale, can be reached via the scenic route of Gardone Riviera, a beautiful promenade overlooking the Lake.




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